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So How Do you look after and maintain your stone flooring

 There are many different types of cleaning methods available to clean and maintain your stone flooring today.

 But the general rule is that most of them would have had either an impregnating seal or a topical seal applied to them.

 Because of this, there is a “barrier” between the soil and the surface. An impregnating seal is applied to the surface of the stone flooring and sinks down into the cavities and pockets of the stone and fills them. Especially important on a very porous stone, such as Limestone. This then fills the stone up to an inch below the surface, up to the surface itself.

A topical seal sits “on-top” the surface of the stone and protects the surface from becoming soiled and stained. Important  in such items as riven slate etc.

In order not to break these down, it is important not to use:

Steam; that will penetrate through the seal

Caustic DIY household cleaners; which I won’t name but there are many.

Non Acidic agents on soft stone floors such as Limestone as these will etch the surface

Products supplied by us  are  ph. neutral product and has no caustic nature as regards breaking down the seal. Instead, it will remove the soil safely without damaging the seal.


The application of cleaning fluids to the stone surface.

The way that the soil is removed from the stone surface is equally important. Again steam cleaners will simply start to remove the layers of seal or penetrate below the surface in the case of an impregnating seal.

Kentucky, cotton mops and spinner mops simply “move the soil from side to side” without fully extracting it from the surface.

The only effective way to remove soiling is with modern, high grade, Microfibre mopping systems.

Stone Flooring how to maintain and care for your floor 2
Stone Flooring how to maintain and care for your floor 3
These are flat long rectangular pads, that glide over the surface but pick up and remove soil 600% more effectively than a cotton mop. They also have the ability to seek into grout lines, depending upon the depth.

So the answer is to use:

  • neutral cleaning product at the correct dosage

  • Flat microfiber mopping system

  • Use regularly

  • When the grout lines are especially soiled (as they are cement based) seek to have the area cleaned again

  • Once signs of that the seal is eventually wearing thin, seek to have the floor re-cleaned and the seals replaced

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