Slate Floor Cleaning in Cheddar

A Kitchen and Dining area Slate floor restored to its former glory.

The Slate floor in Cheddar, was heavily soiled from lack of maintenance. Over a time period of 15 plus years and the new owners of the premises commissioned us to clean and reseal the floor.

They had attempted but could not clean thoroughly or deeply to remove the soil and seal from the floor. The floor was firstly sprayed in a coating of  Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner which is an eco-safe product and allowed to dwell for 30 minutes. This allows the product time to break through the soils and seal for easier removal. It was then scrubbed with a rotary machine and medium stiffness brush and the soil broken down and easily removed. The floor was then rinsed with water to remove the suspended soiling and then allowed to dry.

Finally once dry, four coats of a topical seal were applied at set intervals over a day, to help make the floor easier to maintain and repel soil levels

Slate Before Cleaning

Slate Floor in Cheddar before Cleaning

Slate Floor Being Cleaned

Slate Floor in Cheddar During Cleaning process

Slate floor cleaned and sealed

Slate Floor in Cheddar after Cleaning and Sealing Operations