Slate Floor Cleaning in Bristol

We recently completed slate floor cleaning in Bristol. The clients had found the floor difficult to maintain and with two children and two dogs on the edge of the country meant it needed to be cleaned and well sealed to help with the maintenance. The grout lines were particularly bad and were heavily soiled.

We firstly applied protective film to all the upright surfaces around the area to protect from any splashes. Next we set about pre-spraying the area to be cleaned with an eco-safe cleaning product, that is not harmful to surfaces, pets and children. The pre-spray is allowed to dwell, then is scrubbed with a rotary machine and brush attachment to help  loosen the soil. The grout lines are cleaned to depth with the aid of a grout brush

Slate Floor Cleaning In Bristol where the floor has been pre-sprayed

Applying the pre-spray to the slate floor

The loosened soil is then rinsed away with water via an extraction machine and hard floor wand. The floor is checked for uniformity and any areas are touched over. Then air movers are placed onto the floor and the floor dried in sections to aid drying time

Slate Floor Cleaning in Bristol which has been cleaned and is now drying

The floor is then blown dry

We then allowed the floor to thoroughly dry over two days to ensure there is nor remaining moisture before we return to reseal it.

Slate Floor Cleaning in Bristol which has been sealed

The floor has been sealed with colour enhancer and four layers of seal

To bring out the range of colours on the floor, the floor is sealed with a colour enhancer and  four layers of seal. The colour enhancer is a much thicker product that deepens the colour of the stone to make it more attractive. This is carried out at hourly intervals with a seal applicator and then time is given to allow each coat of the seal to dry.

Once completed, we ensure the client has the right cleaning product to upkeep the floor.