Limestone Floor Cleaning in Somerset

We have recently completed  Limestone Floor Cleaning in Somerset. The floor was heavily soiled and the owners were struggling to keep up with maintaining the floor.
We carried out a survey and a demonstration test patch which showed the impregnator previously applied had broken down. The owners were so impressed with the test area, we were given the task of restoring the floor to its former glory.

Test patch for Limestone Floor Cleaning

Test patch cleaned on a Limestone Floor

We first protected all the upright surfaces with a protective film and wax paper which has taped into place. We then set about brushing and dry microfibre mopping the floor to remove any loose soil and debris.

Next, we applied a pre-spray of Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner and allowed the product dwell time to break down and suspend the soil.  This is an eco-safe product that is safe to use across all stone surfaces especially when Limestone Floor Cleaning, whilst gently lifting away soil. Once it had time to dwell, we then lightly scrubbed into the surface to loosen the soil using a rotary machine and a medium stiffness brush attachment.

Limestone Floor Cleaning, Scrubbing the loosened soil

Scrubbing the loosened soil on a Limestone Floor

We then rinsed the floor and removed all soil and chemical using a hard floor wand attached to an extraction machine. This then leaves a clean and neutralised surface.  The floor was then “blown dry” using air movers and allowed to thoroughly dry naturally. This is very important when cleaning porus stone and carrying out Limestone Floor Cleaning

Limestone Floor Cleaning, air drying the floor

Air Mover drying a Limestone Floor

Two days later we returned to impregnate the floor with an impregnator seal to reduce the chances of soiling and staining. We also supplied  a maintenance cleaning product and microfibre flat mopping system and instructed the client how to use it effectively.

Limestone Floor Cleaning, applying the Impregnator

Applying Impregnator to a Limestone Floor


The floor is now easy to maintain and with the right products the impregnator is not affected by the eco-safe product supplied.

Besides Limestone Floor Cleaning, we carry out cleaning and restoration of a number of natural and man-made floors