Slate Floor Cleaning



The pictures above show the latest clean & re-seal carried out on a Slate Floor in Bristol. The floor had gradually lost a lot of the  topical seal off of the tiled surface and the grout lines had become ingrained over time with mopping soil and debris into them.

We set out first to clean the grout lines and restore the original colour. This is done by applying a strong alkali cleaner and allowing to dwell to loosen the soil, then agitating with a grout line brush and rinsing with water. Next we can address the slate tiles. The surface was stripped of the existing seal by the use of an eco-safe stripping agent sprayed and allowed to loosen the seal.

Then the surface is scrubbed to remove all traces of soil and seal with a rotary machine and scrubbing brush. The surface is then rinsed with water and extracted back with an extraction machine.

The surface is allowed to thoroughly dry before resealing to allow a good bond between the seal and the surface.

Then once dry, the surface can be re-sealed. This is done by us, best by hand, so all the riven surface can be coated but coated in all crevices etc. To build the level of shine requested by the client, five coats were applied to the surface with suitable drying times between each coat.

The surface is then checked and the client is requested not to walk on the area for a length of time to prevent the seals from being affected whilst they cure.

The final events are to show the client the end result and to then talk them through the ways to maintain the finish with the correct products and suitable cleaning schedules.

We recommend ph neutral cleaning products to carry this out, so as to safer for the indoor environment and to not remove any  or damage  the seal from the surface