Karndean Cleaning Sealing and Maintaining

Many people  enjoy the luxury of a beautiful Karndean Floor. Whilst the maintenance kit supplied alows them the ability to clean and then seal the floor, over time they may lose the time to carry this out consistently, have longer time intervals between cleans  and so the floor begins to soil. This can lead to poor appearance and the onset of wear or heavier soiling.This is where Karndean Cleaning Bristol has carried out a clean and seal for a client.


Karndean Cleaning in Bristol

Karndean Floor before cleaning

Asked by a Client to carry out Karndean Cleaning in Bristol and to return the floor to its original glory. The floor is a wood grain-effect Karndean and the grain structure had become heavily soiled, as the seal had worn it has become a trap for soils. The floor was dry microfibre moppped and then a pre-spray applied and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes. This allowed the soils to become separated from the surface and held in suspension, making it easier to remove from the flooring.

As the product is a Nano-technology product, the level of soil removal is much greater and much safer, as it is also environmentally friendly.

Now the soil is agitated, via either a rotary machine,or an orbital pad machine. This dislodges the soil and allows it to be ready for capture during the next process.

Karndean Cleaning in Bristol

Karndean Floor during cleaning

The soil is now extracted away via an extraction machine and the floor is once again microfibre mopped to aid drying. The floor was then dried thoroughly with an air mover pointed at different areas of the room.

Karndean cleaning in Bristol

Karndean Floor partially cleaned

Once dry, the floor is resealed with two coats of seal, carried out in various directions, to ensure the floor was evenly covered and the grain structure was sealed to prevent re-soiling.

Karndean Cleaning in Bristol

Karndean Floor cleaned and sealed


The end result was a happy client who has a restored floor and has been given the right maintenance product to ensure they do not remove the seal applied and make it easier to maintain.

A satisfactory end to Karndean cleaning in Bristol