Five top tips to keep your carpets looking clean and fresh 1

Your carpets can the most expensive furnishings you will buy. With the best efforts at  trying to keeping them clean, your carpet will eventually become the victim of soil,  drops, spills, accidents, and whatever’s on the bottom of your shoes. To learn how professionals handle problem areas and keep carpets looking new, we have provided a number of tips from Advantex Cleaning in Bristol who have more than 25 years of experience.

Tip1. Stop Dirt and Stains at the door. A really good modern door mat made of microfibre, such as Turtle Mats can stop up to 90% of soil from reaching the floors and carpets inside. These mats are washable in a washing machine and can be cleaned and reused many times.

Tip2. Vacuum regularly. As someone asked the other day “I am afraid to vacuum regularly for fear of stripping the fibres out” This is not the case, vacuum technology, depending upon your vacuum is used to flush out the dry particulate from your carpets and prevent grains of sand etc from “cutting away” at the fibres below. Regular vacuuming prevents this from happening and can remove a wealth of allergens from the carpet, making it healthier.

Tip3. Have a decent spot remover on stand by. When those stains happen, be prepared to react and remove the stain. Start by scraping away any solids, then blot, don’t rub as you will cause damage to the fibres. Absorb as much of the stain matter as possible before following instructions on the spotting solution. Anything that will not remove easily and contains a strong dye, call the professionals, don’t be in a position where you have made a stain worse.

Tip4. Have your carpets cleaned regularly.Just as in vacuuming you can keep dry particulate away from damaging your carpets fibres, regular professional cleaning will remove the protein or oily film that a vacuum won’t  remove. What is this? it is the brown or grey like paths that you can see under artificial light around the areas that we walk. These areas only highlight the rest of the carpet and the best way of cleaning them.

Tip5. Think about having your carpets protected. What does that mean? Carpet protectors come in the way of a fluid, which is sprayed into the fibres and brushed into the pile to ensure all sides of the fibres are coated. This mostly applies to wool carpets, which will absorb stains and dyes into the fibres making them difficult is sometimes impossible to remove. The protector applies a “barrier” to the fibre and the soil both protein and dry, making them easier to clean


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