The work description

We were asked  by a client to carry out communal carpet cleaning to a 25 year old carpet across four Storeys in a large house in Bristol.

The carpet, a wool mixture of 80 percent wool, twenty percent synthetic,  had been totally flattened and uncleaned for over 20 years!  The pile was in a state described as matted as a result of this, where layers of oily protein soils had bound the fibres together, causing the pile to look flattened or downtrodden.

The first stage was to remove dry soil and particulate content from the carpets. This was carried out with high power vacuum equipment.

After spending  hours  power vacuum cleaning with hand held and upright commercial vacuum cleaners, a specialist solutionpre-spray was applied by pressure sprayer and allowed to dwell.

After a short duration the carpet pile was agitated with hand held brushes and power brushes to break open the pile and allow for the soil to be extracted .

The carpet was then left to dwell, before  setting up an extraction machine with hose and hand tool attachments. The carpets were then rinsed with a solution of water and acidic rinse, to return the carpet to its correct ph value.


The client was considering replacing the carpet, now he is overjoyed and took two handfuls of business cards to pass on!

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