Cleaning  and Sealing Flagstone Floors

If you have or have inherited a flagstone floor you will know how difficult it is to maintain. The large sizes of uneven slabs tend to have crevices and areas where soil can gather. Once built up  soil can be almost impossible to  remove.  Cleaning and sealing flagstone floors  with domestic chemical DIY products and equipment is very difficult to attain the right finish

If the surface has or had been sealed, you will experience areas that strong agents, such as caustic cleaning chemicals such as bleach as well as strong agents like vinegar have made an impact on the surface.

Even good old steam unfortunately has a detrimental effect on the life of the seal. These are, as well as wear over the years the reason why your stone surface suddenly seems to be looking poor. Cleaning and sealing flagstone floors is a lengthy process

We always aim to not only return the stone to as near a perfect condition as possible, bearing in mind the age, but to also leave the client with a surface they can confidently maintain with the right products and equipment and they are sure of the methods used.

This Flagstone Floor in Martock

The flagstone floor in these pictures have been uncovered in a cottage in Martock. They had been covered in both bitumen and years and years of soil. We set aside to firstly clean the surface, using an eco-safe solution  sprayed onto and allowed to dwell and then scrubbed into the floor with a rotary machine and a  silicon carbide brush carousel.

Cleaning Flagstone Floors

Flagstone Floor before cleaning

Then the solution was removed via an extraction machine attached to a hard floor wand. The floor was then neutralised and allowed to dry for 3 days.We then returned and carried out a few touch ups, checked the moisture content, before proceeding to apply two coats of impregnator to the floor.

Sealing a flagstone floor

Applied impregnator seal to a flagstone floor

The Impregnator was allowed to dry and we returned the next day to topically seal the floor with four coats of satin seal, which was the clients preferred finish.

Topical seal applied to the Flagstone Floor

Topical seal applied to the surface of Flagstone Floor

The room was allowed to finally dry and cure, before the new Kitchen installation was carried out. Client was happy with the transformation. If you would like to enquire what we could do for your floor, contact us on 01173250087 or