The Story of this Slate Floor


We were asked to examine a slate floor that had been newly laid in Bath. The Slate Floor had been left with a film and in places,  a high build up of cement and mortar where it had not been cleaned during the laying process. The Slate Floor is a slightly riven Black Slate. The Client had spent a large sum of money on various cleaning products, but the floor just returned to a grey coated surface when dry.

Cleaning a Slate Floor Patio in Bath 1

The Prescription


The first stage was to undertake a test patch, which was cleaned and sealed to show the Client what the end result should look like. Once they were happy with the end finish we booked dates to carry out the cleaning and sealing.

The first action was to apply an acid wash to the surface of the slate floor to break down the cement and mortar film and remove from the slate floors surface. The product is allowed to dwell on the surface of the stone for a short while, is then agitated. The slate was then rinsed with clean water.

Next the slate was washed and scrubbed with a rotary machine and medium density brush and a high Alkaline eco-safe product. It was them rinsed off via an extraction machine and a hard floor wand attachment.

Again a final rinse with water was carried out and the surface allowed to dry.

Cleaning a Slate Floor Patio in Bath 2
Cleaning a Slate Floor Patio in Bath 3

Next Stage

Cleaning a Slate Floor Patio in Bath 4
Finally the Colour Enhancing Impregnator Seal is applied to the surface of the Slate Floor in three coats. The floor is allowed sufficient time to dry between coats, which is quite short, allowing the seal to “sink” into the slate and provide internal protection.

This has to be done with the weather in mind as the surface needs to be dry and free of debris etc to allow the sealing process to take place

In this instance, the floor was sealed with Azpects Limestone and Slate Enhancing Seal which gives a lovely rich sheen to the surface, as well as offering protection from soiling and algal growth.


We then left the Clients with bottles of a low ph cleaner to maintain the Slate Floor.

Cleaning a Slate Floor Patio in Bath 5