Terracotta Cleaning

Terracotta Floor Cleaning

Cleaning a Terracotta floor
Cleaning a Terracotta floor

Terracotta flooring

Terracotta is a type of ceramic made from special red and brown clay. ... Firing the clay makes it hard, and durable, allowing it to serve as flooring.

Terracotta can then be glazed to make it impervious to stains, sealed to protect it from damage, or left untreated in its natural state.

Natural Terracotta Tiles

In their natural state, terracotta tiles are a gorgeous mix of red and earthen hues, which bathe in  clouds of colour creating unique yet subdued images across the surface of every tile fired.

 This is due largely to the iron deposits contained within the clay used in their manufacture. It is this rustic beauty that makes terracotta so desirable as a flooring option.

The problem is that terracotta is very porous in its natural state. That means that water and liquids can seep easily down into its core, causing mold or rot or stains to appear permanently on it.

For this reason, natural terracotta is usually treated with a sealant periodically, to protect it against those hazards. Surface burnishing during the manufacturing process can also cut down on the absorbency to some extent.

Glazed Terracotta Tiles

The reason that most people purchase terracotta flooring for the beauty and colours of the red and earthen hues.

 When a glaze is poured over them, this is hidden beneath a glass layer, that makes them impervious to stains, but also removes their rustic elegance. This is obviously a catch 22 of form versus function. For this reason many terracotta tiled floors are sealed instead of glazed

Terracotta Cleaning & Sealing – The Advantex Way

1 - Room Preparation - Due to health & safety and insurance restrictions, we respectfully ask you to move all furniture and breakable items. Our craftsmen will then carefully protect skirting boards and wall coverings, using low tack tape, waterproof plastic or waxed paper.
2 - Dry Mop - Dry mopping of all areas to be treated collating all dry soil.
3 - Vacuum floor - Power vacuum using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners ensuring the removal of loose dirt, sand and dust. Making sure all the edges are dust free using edge nozzles.
3 - Deep Cleaning / Stripper - Application of our unique stone stripping solution which will break down and remove old seal/polish buildups. Then using various grades of brushes/pads and agitation machinery we clean deep down in to the stone/grouting. Followed by, pressurized water extraction using enclosed spinning heads, providing unrivaled results.
4 - Stone Neutralization - Application of our Natural Stone Rinse, this will neutralise the floor ready for further treatments.
5 - Conditioning The Stone - Using a unique blend of natural vegetable oils, Natural Stone Conditioner will reinstate the stones natural oils and enhance its colours prior to polishing.
6 - Drying - We Install air movers to assist in drying your natural stone and grouting. Being so porous, terracotta floors can take quite a few days to fully dry.
8 - Impregnation/Sealing - Hand application of our reactive natural stone impregnator, which has been specially designed to protect porous stone. This process is vital it can take a number of hours as the stone has to be completely dry prior to application. In addition, the floor has to be dry when applying the recommended additional coats of impregnator. This will protect your natural stone in the future, guarding against both oil and water based spills. And of course, your daily maintenance of the floor will be greatly improved due to the protective barrier.