Stain Removal

Stains and Stain Removal


Stains and their effects on Carpets & Upholstery

There are an awful lot of liquids solids and biological matter that can be spilt or dropped onto your carpets and upholstery. The ability to remove them will depend upon a whole host of factors:

The material or fibres; are they natural or synthetic
The strength of the substance dropped; strong dye based agents or etching agents such as acids or inks can penetrate a fibre almost instantly, becoming the new colouring for the carpet fibre or fabric.

The action taken on dropping the substance; the use of the wrong product i.e. shampoo to clean up a gloss paint stain, water used to mop up solvent ink stains.
Time; a stain that contains a dying agent left longer and allowed to dry in a wool carpet is extremely hard to remove, compared to a recent stain, kept moist until professional stain removal can be employed.

Why are all of the above important?

They are all factors that combine to determine whether a stain can be removed, or not. The difference between a stain removal success depends upon information on what the stain is, how long it has been there, what action has been taken etc.

Soy Sauce Stain On Carpet


Soy Sauce Stain Removed From Carpet


Red Wine Stain On Carpet


Red Wine Stain Removed From Carpet