Marble floor cleaning and polishing in Bath


We were asked to examine a  floor in a Kitchen in Bath. This was a marble floor that needed cleaning and polishing.  The prospective Client had become despondent with it. Despite numerous attempts to clean the Marble floor and buff it, the results were lacklustre. We offered the Client a 3 step solution to the problem. The Client was overjoyed with the results.

The problem

Composite Marble floor before starting
Composite Marble floor before starting

The problem associated with the floor was the use of “improper chemical cleaners”, products that were caustic and had etched the surface, instead of maintaining the lovely polish it had started with. The second was the use of a steam mop, that had degraded and broken down the impregnating seal.

The Solution

Composite Marble Floor applying the impregnating seal
Composite Marble Floor applying the impregnating seal

Firstly, the floor was swept with a microfiber mop to remove all debris. The units and skirtings were masked and overlaid with tape and masking films to protect them.

Next the floor was cleaned with a mild alkali solution, in order to clean the grout lines and the tiles. The floor was allowed to dry.

Two days later we returned to apply a colour enhancing impregnator. This was applied to the floor and allowed to sink into the stone. This was then allowed to “cure” for 3 days.

We then returned and set about polishing the floor from its dull scratched finish to the super smooth mirror-finish gloss that the Client requested. This is carried out with a series of diamond impregnated pads, which are run over the floor with a rotary machine and water. The grades used went from 400, 800, 1500. 3,000, 10,000 and 11,000 final stage with a polishing powder.


Composite Marble floor after final polishing
Composite Marble floor after final polishing

The final result amazed the Client totally. He had been contemplating taking the floor up completely as he didn’t believe it was possible to replicate the factory-finish that the stone once had. In fact, he suggested the stone floor had never looked like that in the first place.

The impregnating seal applied, should now help anything staining the floor and causing etching onto the surface. A maintenance plan and correct methodology has now been put in place, the correct neutral ph cleaner and high grade microfiber mopping system has been employed.

Now the floor should last in it’s present state.