Karndean Cleaning

Karndean Cleaning


Karndean cleaning

Karndean cleaning and Amtico Cleaning is usually a job that in many circumstances is best left to the professional.

There are a number of styles but when Karndean cleaning,  the product with a "grain structure" cause the highest soiling problems.

Because there is a grain, the cavities become heavily soiled and trap soils. mostly due to mopping.

Very often standard mopping just clean the peaks and not the troughs, resulting in left behind soils that soon fill up the grain quickly. 

Often  DIY cleaning agents wont get into the grain to remove ingrained soils and mopping just "moves" the soil around.

The other thing is that often the cleaning products offered are high ph or caustic and erode or abrade any seals applied to the floor.

How do we clean Karndean and Amtico Floors?

We can safely remove the soil and clean the grain structure completely, using environmentally friendly products.

We utilise low moisture equipment to remove the soils and seals with minimal water.

These will remove all the soil within the grain and once dry we can apply a seal to the floor to protect the grain structure from soiling.

This can then be mopped using a ph neutral product and a flat microfiber mopping system.

If you need help with your Karndean cleaning, feel free to contact us