Domestic Carpet Cleaning


Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets can be some of the most expensive furnishings we purchase. To ensure they remain at their best they will need cleaning on a planned basis. But how are you going to choose the right Company in Bristol to clean them?

More importantly what are they going to use to clean and is it potentially harmful to your furnishings, your pets, children and you!

Obtaining a price over the phone will not establish how well we can clean a carpet. We as a professional Company would want to know or establish:

Age of carpet
Fibre content (is it Wool or Synthetic etc)
Stains and Spots (how old they are, what they are, are they removable?)
Soiling (where is the soil, how deep is the soiling?)
Wear (where is thee carpet wearing, are there any bad patches)
Cleaning Method (there are numerous ways to clean a carpet and we tailor our system to suit)
Sizes (we base a lot of our pricing upon sizes and time basis)

To turn up blind and attempt to produce amazing results is very limited, but pre-armed with the information from a FREE Survey allows us to determine the above and to explain to our clients what is and is not achievable.

Once We have carried out our survey we can undertake the clean and we undertake a point plan to ensure the best results are achieved.

We also use some of the most eco-safe and environmentally friendly products around. We are proud to use the Oleonix range of products that contain no detergents, caustics or phosphates ensuring you and your furnishings remain safe.

1. Make sure our equipment is tidily placed.
2. Places Furniture sliders under heavy items to allow for movement.
3. The areas to be cleaned are thoroughly power vacuumed with a powerful commercial upright vacuum cleaner.
3. Spots/stains and odours are next treated before commencing any cleaning.
4. Pre-spray with an advanced soil loosening agent. This has the effect of releasing the soil from the fibre before commencing the cleaning. This produces a much deeper clean.
5. Agitation of the loosening agent or pre-spray to enable greater dispersal of the soil.
6. Either Hot Pad Agitation or Spray Extraction to remove the pre-loosened soil. Now the soil can be removed more easily and the carpet is set back to a neutral Ph. There are no shampoo agents or sticky residues used in our processes, so the carpets remain cleaner for longer.
7. Replace any furniture back into position and place foil tabs underneath any legs of chairs etc to prevent furniture leeching or rust spots entering carpet.
8. Apply air movers to aid in final drying of the carpet.

We have sourced the best possible cleaning methods to ensure we can produce a finished result that is cleaner, Drier and safer for you and the environment

We don’t uses harsh chemicals because we care about our Clients, us and the environment. Harsh chemicals cause unnecessary smells and can aggravate asthma and allergies. We don’t work to that standard. Removal of soils, stains and bacteria can be done in a healthy, eco-friendly way and this is the approach we always take. Revealing fabulous results at the end of the process.

Domestic Carpet Before Cleaning with soiling and Staining
Domestic Carpet After Cleaning showing All Soiling And Stains Removed!