Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning


Commercial  Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning usually takes the form of carpet tiles, or low pile carpeting on a roll.

In others circumstances it may be pub or hotels, where it may be expensive wool mixture carpeting.

The most popular form of commercial carpet cleaning involves carpet tiles, but…

Until recently, even some experts have struggled to clean low profile commercial carpets and tiles successfully.

There’s a simple reason for this, called “airflow” (or lack of it!). Carpet tiles and most commercial carpets have a very dense construction, so you fight to get any air flow through the pile―and it’s airflow that allows for the extraction of the soil. Cleaned wrongly, can result in lengthy drying times, bad odours and looking worse than before it was cleaned!

This is where we differ from the rest
We can clean a low profile carpet, achieve a high standard clean and be able to walk on it in within an hour.

We use a “Low Moisture Cleaning System” that cleans deep into the pile , emits little to no noise, whilst achieving high standards of cleaning.

The carpet dries rapidly, by attracting the soil from the carpet using an eco-safe colloidal product that breaks down soil, grease and stains without the need for harsh chemicals.

This is defined as Micriolysis Cleaning. With outstanding results, we are able to carry out long term maintenance with no ill effects on the carpeted surface. We even clean in call centres near to employees taking calls!


Public House & Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Restaurant, Public House or Club Carpeting; usually wool mixture Broadloom
These areas suffer due to the products that are dropped onto them and embed into the carpet. With Restaurants and food establishments it is the grease which is trodden into the carpet. With Public Houses and Clubs it is the Beer Sugar which causes the soil to “bind” to the fibres. All of these situations are difficult to remove without the correct methods.

Here we use Spray Extraction and Rotary Machine Systems, where the method involves applying a specialist grease digester onto the carpet and allow it to dwell. Next we agitate it into the fibres to break down the grease or Beer Sugar/Soil to enable it to be removed easily. This is not possible using standard detergents as they will repel most of the substances in these carpets.

Once loosened, the soil/substances are removed by spraying a extracting a rinse agent into the carpeted area. This has the effect of dislodging the soiling and taking it away using high vacuums created by the machine’s powerful motors. The rinse agent returns the carpet to a neutral ph, so the carpets remain cleaner for longer periods, with no residue remaining.

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