Carpet and Upholstery cleaning

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

The first thing we like to explain to a potential client, is that not everyone cleans the same way.

We still are called to places where carpets have been left soaking wet or  looking worse than before they were cleaned.

Simply, lots of companies opt to clean at high pressure to remove the soiling from the carpet fibre.

We prefer to use advanced eco-safe products that loosen and remove soil and stains to a higher degree without the need for high pressure "blasting"

We use safer cleaning products that are more effective and low pressure equipment for soil removal.

It is important to have a fundamental understanding about what you are cleaning and more importantly to be able to tailor the cleaning to suit the carpet or situation.

Does everyone have this capability, No

Why Not?

Well it is going to cost quite a bit more to carry extra equipment with you to complete the work, plus the expense of it all. Most companies have 1 or 2 ways of cleaning your carpet. We have around 5 methods that our equipment and techniques can be used to produce outstanding results.

Eco-safe Cleaning with outstanding results


Eco-safe solutions effect on cleaning

When soil adheres to a surface, the surface tension created resists the efforts of standard cleaning agents to remove it. The chemistry behind the Oleonix range utilises micriolysis whereby the active agents penetrate through the surface tension and penetrate to the core of soil to break the bonds holding the soil to whatever the surface is. The released soil is then easily removed by flushing, rinsing, suction, extraction or microfibre absorption-extraction leaving surfaces so clean they resist the build up of fresh soil.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The most important part of commercial carpet cleaning, is to be able to understand the needs of the client.

The nature of work being carried out and the type of flooring they possess are vital to the end result, ensuring the clients expectations are met.

Modern eco-friendly products allow us to clean low pile carpeting be it Carpet Tiles or Broadloom and dry within a short time.

The result is a carpet that is ph neutral, has no residues to re-attract soiling and dries very quickly

Does everyone work to this policy, No

Why Not?

Most companies are not going to carry a wealth of equipment to be able to clean in a number of ways, in fact most are going to try to clean via spray extraction.