Carpet Protector


Carpet & Fabric Stain Protection

Carpet protector Application – Keeping Your Carpets Cleaner Longer.

Our soft furnishings are some of the largest investments we make in our habitats. To ensure we get the best from them, we advise the use of a  protector.

The carpet  protector then has a two fold action. One to prevent staining occurring to both fibres and fabrics. The second from allowing soils to lock onto or etch fibres and fabrics. A good grade of protective agent, such as Pro Fab achieves this.

We are  Applicators of  ProFab, an advanced nano particle protective treatment that coats the carpet fibres / upholstery fabric. The benefits include:

• Carpet protector offers protection against both water and oil based stains
• Carpets stay cleaner longer and allows for greater removal of Particular matter whilst vacuuming.