Effective Stain Removal for your carpets

Essential and spots dropped onto their carpets it is difficult for a householder to stay on top of stains dropped onto their carpets. Domestic DIY spotting agents barely remove any of the vast percentage of items dropped onto a carpet and at most, carry out a bleaching action on wool and wool mixture carpets. The Professional Carpet Cleaner will carry an array of products to deal with a wide range of problems. As we deal with a range of problems ranging from acidic nature problems (Tea, Coffee and Red Wine) to High Alkalis (Detergent Spills) a like for like approach is employed to use a like product with higher strength to loosen the problem away from the fibre. This can then be flushed or rinsed away with a machine. Greater difficulty and the possibility of removal is lessened when the problem has been attempted with a DIY product. If they are shampoo based, they will have left a residue which will buffer the effect of the right kind of agent and may have aided the dye from any problem such as Red Wine, set onto the fibre, encouraging it to accept it as the new colouring dye. You may get one or two chances before a stain sets permanently onto the fibres rendering it immovable and therefore now permanent. Always ask you Carpet Cleaner for advice, we always inform our clients they are free to ring us for any advice regarding stains and spills

Before Red Wine stain removal in Bristol

Spring Cleaning Your Carpets – Beware!

Cleaning A Carpet Maintains It’s Life

As the better weather arrives after the wet winter, thoughts turn to spring cleaning your homes and that may include cleaning your carpets.

But there is something you need to know about hiring carpet cleaners before you call for help.

Anyone with a pulse and an estate car call themselves a carpet cleaner,” “In the UK, there’s no licensing for carpet cleaning. There’s no licensing nationally for carpet cleaning. The National Carpet Cleaners Association (N.C.C.A.) is the national recognised  trade body for carpet cleaners in the UK.

And not everyone claiming to be a professional carpet cleaner in Bristol has gone through training and certification.

“In fact, there’s a lot of persons in Bristol that will go out and rent portable equipment and don’t have £15-£20,00,000 machines and equipment  and they’ll show up at the home. You see that in Groupon ads and you even see that with some of the guys in the free ad magazines.”

The first warning  can be the cost.

The first thing is pricing. people that are advertising unreal ” low prices.”

Also check the reviews.

We have over 40 “10/10” reviews out there with Checkatrade and we have a couple that aren’t as good as we’d like them to be, but overall they’re great and that’s what you want to look for.”

Make sure and ask are you a certified firm and are your Staff certified and how long have they been doing what they’re doing?”

you should keep these tips in mind when hiring a carpet cleaning company:

  • Review your carpet and stain protection warranty before you have professional cleaning work performed. Be advised certain types of cleaning products and equipment may void your warranty.
  • Find business reviews on carpet cleaning companies on Checkatrade’s website.
  • Price does matter. While no one wants to be overcharged, extremely low prices should also set off warning signals. Companies advertising very low prices may be practicing “bait and switch” advertising. Once the workers arrive in your home, they quickly push a more expensive treatment for cleaning or refuse to conduct the cleaning at the advertised price.
  • Know what items the company does or doesn’t move and if there are any extra charges for this service.
  • Ask these questions: Are halls and cupboards considered part of a room? Does the company use household water or power sources, or do they use their own water?
  • There is no licensing for carpet cleaners in Bristol, so you may want to ask if the company is Certified via the N.C.C.A. and insured.
  • Hide any valuables in a secure place.
  • Once hired, if you are unsure,  request the company test the cleaning method on an unseen area. Be sure you understand all instructions and methods they have prescribed.

Cleaning Flagstone Flooring in Bristol

One of the hardest jobs to complete lately was the cleaning of a large Kitchen floor and Passageway made up of flagstones. The flagstones were very old and had been treated with the wrong seal and took quite a while to remove, clean and re-seal to the customers requirements that as a high gloss finish.




Communal Staircase Carpet Cleaning in Bristol

Asked to clean a 25 year old carpet across 4 Storeys. The carpet had been totally flattened and uncleaned for over 20 years! After a long time power vacuum cleaning, a specialist pre-spray was applied and agitated. We left it to dwell before extraction rinsing with a narrow gauge hand tool. The client was considering replacing the carpet, now he is overjoyed and took two handfuls of business cards to pass on!